Keeping REALTORS® safe is a primary goal every day!

Remember! NEVER meet unknown customers alone.


What to do when you encounter a “Safety Situation”
1- Always, anytime you are immediately threatened, or even if you just feel uneasy about a situation you are in, please call 9-1-1, immediately!

2- Following a suspicious situation, real estate agents should always contact the Omaha Police Department and report the incident, even if it is not threatening at the time.  Call 402-444-4877, or go to to leave a message.  These reports are monitored 24/7.

When all agents do this, the police are able to tie incidents together for possible violations, or to identify individuals with a history of problems.  Without the report they have nothing. Law enforcement has emphasized to us that your reports are necessary and welcome.  The information can then be channeled to the right individual within the department, or across the region. 

3- If you have a potential email scam, or other internet-based scam, go to:

4- If you feel other agents are at risk, after you have reported the incident to the police, please contact the OABR office at 402-619-5550 or email to with details and your contact information. We appreciate you letting us know, but please contact 9-1-1 for an immediate threat, or report the non-urgent incident to the police before letting us know.  Unfortunately, the association is not set up to act instantly in all situations.

5- Update the police and the OABR Office with additional information as it becomes available. 

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