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All forms accessible on this page are for exclusive use by REALTORS®  and are provided as a convenience to its members. Form documents, by their nature, may not address the specific terms or conditions of a particular transaction and should be carefully reviewed by the parties before use. OABR makes these forms available to its members for use as a service but makes no repetitions or warranties as to the suitability or enforceability of these forms in any particular application. In using or disseminating any form provided by OABR, a member waives and releases OABR, its officers, directors, members, employees and agents from and against any and all claims which may arise.


100 Listing Contract  (4-2013)
105 Commercial Listing Contract for Sale  (4-2013)
110 Commercial Listing Contract for Lease
115 Commercial Listing Contract for Sublease
120 Auction Listing Contract
150 Sellers Property Disclosure (1-2017)
154 Omaha Lead Site EPA Focus Area  (1-2013)
155 EPA Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure - Sale (10-2015)
156 EPA Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure - Lease (10-2015)
160 Sellers Estimated Proceeds
170 Market Consent
180 Declination of Internet Services

200 Purchase Agreement (1-2018)
205 Commercial Purchase (4-2013)
210 Counter Offer
215 Condo/Town Home Regime Disclosure (1-2013)
220 Release of Confidential Info
230 Purchaser Estimated Costs

231 Wire Fraud Notice (9-2017)

233 Addendum to Uniform Purchase Agreement (1-2017)
235 Lead-Based Paint Addendum (1-2013)
240 Loan Assumption Addendum
245 Asbestos Addendum
250 Inspection Addendum
255 Home Inspection Contingency Removal Addendum 

256 Property Inspection Resolution Response Addendum (1-2017)
260 VA and FHA Addendum
265 Seller Financing Addendum
270 Greenbelt Addendum
275 Fax Addendum
280 Deposit Disbursal Addendum
285 Mold Disclosure
290 Survey Work Order
295 Agreement to Occupy Prior to Close
500 Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement
505 Buyer/Tenant Agency Agreement
510 Informed Written Consent and Dual Agency
600 Residential Lease Agreement (9-2015)
Commercial Intent to Lease Agreement

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Personal Assistant Application
Personal Assistant Key Agreement
Office Administrator Application

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MLS Measuring Guide & Definitions

Lead Information

Omaha Lead Registry

Omaha Planning Department

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program

State of Nebraska - Lead Information

EPA: Lead Superfund Site Information

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