Diversity Scholarship

About the Diversity Scholarship Committee

The Diversity Scholarship Committee promotes equal opportunity in housing and diversity within the real estate industry. It encourages diversity in the real estate industry with the Ethnic Minority Outreach Scholarship, promotes OABR activities to heighten the awareness of diversity within the real estate profession, identifies the equal opportunity and cultural diversity concerns and needs of OABR members and makes recommendations to the OABR Board of Directors regarding those concerns and needs.

About Diversity & Fair Housing

The Board values and seeks a diverse membership. There are no barriers to full participation in the organization on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, ancestry or familial status. The Board also encourages equal opportunity practices among its member.

The sale and purchase of a home is one of the most significant events that any person will experience in his or her lifetime. It is more than the simple purchase of housing, for it includes the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and economic destiny of those involved. 

The National Association of REALTORS® has developed a Fair Housing Program to provide resources and guidance to REALTORS® in ensuring equal professional services for all people. The term REALTOR® identifies members of the National Association of REALTORS®. They conduct their business and activities in accordance with a strict Code of Ethics.

A REALTOR® pledges to conduct business in keeping with the spirit and letter of the Code of Ethics. Article 10 imposes obligations upon REALTORS® and is also a firm statement of support for equal opportunity in housing.

How to Get Involved

1.All OABR Members are welcome and encouraged to sit in on a Diversity Task Force Meeting! Meeting times are listed below and on the OABR Calendar. 

2. Follow the Diversity Task Force on Facebook!

Diversity Corner

The Diversity Committee’s goal is to be a leader in supporting and encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion in real estate. Recently, the National Association of REALTORS® has taken steps to strengthen its commitment to fair housing in the real estate industry. NAR would like to build upon the Fair Housing ACT! Plan (ACT = Accountability, Culture Change, and Training). In doing so, they have made available three different programs available to Realtors through their website: Fairhaven Fair Housing Simulation, Implicit Bias Training, and At Home With Diversity Class.

Completing these programs will help REALTORS® recognize stereotypes, override hidden biases, improve interactions with others, and learn how to effectively work with a diverse population in today’s multicultural real estate market. The Diversity Committee encourages anyone interested to check out the NAR website and sign up.

The more we are at home with diversity, the more accepting we will be of ourselves and others.

Remember to always Pay It Forward!

Ethnic Minority Outreach Scholarship 

As part of an ongoing commitment to affirmatively recruit individuals from all racial and ethnic groups to the real estate profession, the Omaha Area Board of REALTORS® offers minority scholarships. The scholarship is administered by the OABR Diversity Scholarship Committee Contact our Programs Director with questions.

Contact the Diversity Scholarship Committee

Ervin Youmans

2023 Chair

Nebraska Realty
(402) 995-9279

Milt Schneider

2023 Vice Chair

Nebraska Realty
(402) 740-8159

Donna Shipley

Staff Liaison

Omaha Area Board of REALTORS®
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