Fremont Merges with OABR

By: Melissa McElroy

After months in the making, it’s finally official! The Fremont Board of REALTORS® merged with The Omaha Area Board of REALTORS®. The final approval passed in April.

Lisa Allard, former President of the Fremont Board of REALTORS®, said she was “super excited about the merger, and is looking forward to the opportunities, available training, and all the different events.”

The Fremont Board consisted of about 100 members. Allard said that the downside of being a small organization was the limited number of CE Classes available. There was typically just one day of CE classes in Fremont. She’s excited for all the different classes that OABR has available throughout the year and sees an even bigger opportunity to learn and grow.

“We didn’t have all the events that Omaha has. We didn’t have a Chili Cook-off. We’re excited for all these fun events,” Allard said enthusiastically. “We did have REALTOR® Ring Day where we’d get dressed up as Santas and elves. We look forward to that event all year.”

The Former Fremont Board President said that she was especially looking forward to getting involved with the committees such as RPAC, adding that Hybrid meetings with Zoom provides an option that will allow more REALTORS® to attend the meetings and be active participants.

While excitement from Fremont REALTORS® is encouraging, Allard acknowledged that “Change is hard, but I’m here for them.” She explained any change is an adjustment, even good change, but underscored that she would always be around to guide her fellow Fremont REALTORS®. “I’ll leave the door open for them.”

Trista Beaudette, former Treasurer of the Fremont Board of REALTORS®, said the Fremont Board dwindled. At one point, there wasn’t even a President or President-Elect. Often people in leadership in Fremont didn’t so much as volunteer but were voluntold what was needed from them.

In her 5 years of experience, she noticed much of the Board was from one or two brokerages. She hopes this merger means more representation for smaller brokerages and more opportunity for career development.

“I want everyone to feel like part of the community,” the former Treasurer said, adding “I would like to see this grow holistically.”

Her desire is to have at least one Fremont member to be on each OABR committee. Social Events, WCR, and Professional Development piqued her interest. She said that she is ready for all that The Omaha Board has to offer and looks forward to Fremont members participating in committees, to add what she called the “rural aspect of it” to the mix.

“Quite a few of us do business in Omaha, and the surrounding area, all the way to Columbus and Norfolk.” She currently has a listing in Bellevue and David City. With all the ground she needs to cover, the savvy REALTOR® is disciplined about logging her mileage.

With the challenges REALTORS® face every day, it is good to have extra resources and a good support system to guide you on your path. The OABR is excited to welcome our new members. We look forward to working with you!