By: Melissa McElroy

In one swift motion, you can post a TikTok, scroll Insta, send an email, and order takeout delivery in less time than it takes to microwave a frozen dinner. With everyone’s eyes firmly planted on their phones, cultivating an online presence becomes paramount. YouTube is one popular platform that can be used to attract prospective clients that helps set you apart from your competitors.

Local real estate agent Tyler Bundy developed a YouTube channel to use as a marketing tool to attract prospective buyers. The prolific podcaster has covered everything from “How to buy a house in 10 steps,” to “Omaha’s Million Dollar Neighborhoods.” Some of his clients who were looking to relocate from out-of-state for work reached out to him after watching his videos.

“The price point on my sales increased since doing YouTube videos. Many prospective clients are contacting me from the East Coast, or the West Coast, mainly California.” He said that the “weight and responsibility of selling to out-of-state buyers falls to him” as he takes extra steps to showcase properties here. “I just sold a $700k acreage to a buyer, sight unseen.” A transaction of that level requires trust. He attributes his ability to build trust with clients with “follow up and follow through,” explaining, “if you say you’re going to do something, you follow through with your promises.”

Local REALTOR®, David Matney, said he loves producing YouTube videos, but “they are not for the faint of heart.” He added, “It’s time consuming. It’s been a learning process. I don’t have fancy equipment. I’m a low-tech guy. I record in my office off the computer using a webcam.” He uses bombbomb to edit. His philosophy: produce quality content to attract business. It’s not about trying to be “salesy” in your videos. He explained, “It takes time. It’s not like you hit record and the magic happens. It takes skill to be in front of a camera.”

“Ultimately, it’s about content,” Matney said. “It’s about getting the right content out to the right people.” He produces about two videos a week and will sometimes do a poll to gain better understanding of his viewers. “Sometimes people will stalk you online for a year before they reach out. They reach out when they are serious about buying. You don’t even know who is watching your content until they reach out.” He chuckled and said, “One time this lady stopped me at Target and said, ‘you’re that guy from the real estate videos! My husband watches your videos!’” The real estate pro joked that he might have more stalkers if he looked like Brad Pitt, but for the wrong reasons.

“At the end of the day, if I get one deal a month from YouTube videos, that’s a pretty good hustle.”